Preventive Maintenance

A preventive maintenance schedule has proven to extend the life of an instrument. A typical laboratory will keep analytical instruments operating for several hours a day. Normal wear and tear of mechanical parts occurs while the instruments are running. Maintaining instrument electronics are as important as the mechanical parts. A laboratory that maintains a preventive maintenance schedule reduces down time and maximizes sample load.

Instruments covered under a service agreement are automatically placed into a preventive maintenance schedule. Customers are reminded about the schedule well in advance of the due date, giving ample time to plan and minimize down time. Altitude technicians are trained to uncover potential problems as well as questioning the customer about the performance of the instrument. This simple schedule will keep instruments operating at optimal performance.

Customers that do not have a service agreement can also schedule preventive maintenance visits for a fee. Our billable costs include the same parts replacement as instrument under service contract. We will also include the instruments in our database to remind customers when the next one is due.

We provide preventive maintenance services for GC/MS, LC, IC, TOC, and Liquid Autosamplers.

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